Zoic Ether LT Shorts & Highland Jersey

Noah Bodman reviews the Zoic Ether Short and Highland Jersey, Blister Gear Review.
Zoic Highland Jersey

Zoic Highland Jersey

Size: Medium

Color: Orange

Duration of Test: ~10 rides.

Test Locations: Whitefish, MT, and Southern Utah

The Highland is a lightweight fleece jersey cut for biking in colder conditions. In cool spring weather, I’ve used it both on its own and as a layering piece.


The fit of the Highland is definitely loose, which is great for when it needs to fit over other layers. At 5’9” with average proportions, the Medium fits me fine, but I suspect I could get away with a Small due to the long cut on the arms and waist. (The Highland’s arms are made a bit longer to accommodate a hunched over riding position, and the bottom is long enough that it doesn’t ride up.)


The Highland has two pockets: one on the left arm (which has a port for headphones) and a wide pocket across the lower back.

The arm pocket is pretty small, which means that your iPhone won’t bounce around too much. The rear pocket is large, which is good for fitting lots of stuff. There are tabs on either side of the back pocket that let you tug on the zipper without just wrapping the jersey around your torso, which is a nice touch. One downside is that, since the jersey doesn’t have a tight, athletic fit (at least it doesn’t on me), so if you put a bunch of heavy stuff in the rear pocket, it’ll probably leave you with a saggy tail.

The Highland isn’t particularly flashy – its logos are understated and the colors aren’t very loud. But if you’re trying to make a statement with a fleece shirt, you’re probably doing it wrong.

Noah Bodman reviews the Zoic Ether Short and Highland Jersey, Blister Gear Review.
Noah Bodman in the Zoic Highland Jersey, Hurricane, Utah.

Warmth / Breathability

The fleecy fabric is nice and soft, and while it isn’t super warm, I comfortably rode in the Highland jersey on top of a short sleeve jersey in 35° F weather. I also rode with it on its own in 55° F weather without overheating.

The fleece is neither waterproof nor particularly windproof, so if you’re looking for a piece to protect against inclement weather, the Highland isn’t it. But it does breathe pretty well as you warm up, so it’s less inclined to make you hot and clammy like some waterproof shells can.

Bottom Line: Highlander Jersey

All around, the Zoic Highland jersey is a nice mid-weight layer. If you’re looking for a little extra warmth in a shirt that’s cut for biking, this is a great choice.

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