Zoic Hoodoo Trail Shorts

Noah Bodman reviews the Zoic Hoodoo Shorts, Blister Gear Review.
Zoic Hoodoo Shorts

Zoic Hoodoo Mountain Bike Shorts

Size/Color: Medium/Black


  • Eight pockets
  • Baggy Fit
  • Removable liner
  • Hook and loop adjustable waist

Reviewer Info: 5’ 9”, 150 lbs, 32” waist

Duration of Test: 10 rides

Test Locations: Around Northwest Montana

MSRP: $119.95

The Zoic Hoodoo Shorts are situated somewhere in between full blown knickers and baggy cargo shorts.  I’ve spent a fair amount of time in other Zoic shorts in the past, like the Ether LT, and have really liked them. I expected the same out of the Hoodoo and, long story short, my expectations were met; they’re great shorts.

There are a few reasons that I like Zoic’s shorts. First, they fit me well and they’re comfortable. Second, they’re fairly understated with their colors and design (function prevails over form). And, finally, they have lots of well thought out pockets and features.

The fit at the waist on the Hoodoo is similar to other Zoic shorts I’ve worn. There are Velcro pull-tabs to adjust the waist and part of the waist band is elastic. The size Medium fits my 32” waist about right, so I’d say the Hoodoo runs true to size.

I measure the inseam on the Hoodoo to be 16”, and there’s a slight bend around where the short passes the knee. This makes the shorts quite comfortable while riding, but keeps them from getting all bunchy and weird when standing off the bike. There are also zippered expansions on the outside of the knees that, when unzipped, allow for some extra room at the hem.  These zips can be opened to provide a bit more airflow or to better accommodate knee pads.

 The fabric on the Hoodoo is what I’d call “average” in terms of weight for a trail oriented short; it’s not super-light weight, intended to maximize breathability, but it’s not near as burly the material found on most DH shorts.  It’s comfortable but has a durable feel.

The Hoodoo’s liner is the same as that of other Zoic shorts, and I got along well with it.  It’s not the nicest liner I’ve ever set my cheeks on, but it’s not overly diaperish and I found it to be comfortable on long rides. It’s worth noting that the $120 shorts are priced quite a bit more reasonably than most shorts that come with ultra high-end chamois.

Noah Bodman reviews the Zoic Hoodoo Shorts, Blister Gear Review.
Dirt jumping at Whitefish Mountain Resort, MT.

The Hoodoo has a ton of pockets, which I’m a fan of, as I usually ride with a bunch of stuff crammed into my pockets.  There are two standard front hip pockets as well as the normal rear pockets. The shorts feature four additional cargo pockets too (two on each leg). The cargo pockets easily accommodated a bevy of trail tools and some food.

There’s no zippered vents on the Hoodoo, but presumably you’re not going to be picking an extra long short this for those hot, mid-summer rides. Even so, despite the length and the lack of vents, I didn’t the shorts too hot. I was comfortable in temps hovering in the 70’s, and I’ll happily wear them downhilling, even if the temps are quite a bit warmer.

What would I change about the Hoodoo? Not much. My only (relatively minor) gripe is the elastic on the shorts’ waist band. On one hand, it makes it easy to get a comfortable fit, but in my experience, elastic waist bands tend to slack-out over time, leading me retire them even though the rest of the fabric is still going strong.  To be fair, I haven’t owned any Zoic shorts for long enough to see if this will happen to them, so this is purely speculative for the moment.

Bottom Line

Like the Ether LT, I’m a big fan of the Hoodoo shorts. They’re comfortable, functional, and have a clean look. The shorts are a nice length, especially for those cool fall days when having something over your knees is desirable. For cool weather riding and gravity-fed trails where a super-burly DH short is unnecessary, the Zoic Hoodoo is my go-to pair of shorts.

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