Fischer Announces Redesigned 22/23 Ranger Series

Fischer is overhauling their line of Ranger skis for 2022-2023. Check out our writeup for the highlights of the updates.
From Left: 2022-2023 Fischer Ranger 90s, 96s, 102s, 108, & 116

This week Fischer announced that they’re overhauling their Ranger series of skis. The details are still limited, but the changes look to be pretty significant.

The line will consist of the Ranger 90, 96, 102, 108, and 116, and the 90, 96, and 102 come in two colorways.

All of the new Ranger skis feature a layer of titanal, but the narrower skis feature more metal (i.e., longer strip of titanal) than the wider skis. In concept, this is similar to what Nordica has done with their latest Santa Ana skis. It also looks like the layer of metal in the new Ranger skis is split in front of and behind the bindings (similar to K2’s titanal “Y-Beam”), assumingly to make the ends of the ski less torsionally rigid and easier to release. In addition to Fischer’s “Shaped Ti” construction, the Ranger 90 and 96 feature flatter tails, while the Ranger 102, 108, and 116 all have a more twinned tail profile.

The shapes of all the new Ranger skis also look pretty different than their predecessors, with the new skis having much less “pointed” tip and tail shapes.

Another big change is a switch to some less environmentally harmful materials — a trend we’re seeing across the industry for 22/23. According to Fischer, “Each model has 20-25% recycled steel edges. The top sheets are 50% vegetable oil-based and contain 10% recycled materials, and the bases are made with at least 50% recycled content. The skis feature a zero-waste wood core and the Titanal used contains at least 80% recycled content. All materials used are REACH compliant, and the Austrian production facilities use 60% solar energy.”

We’re very excited to learn more about the new Rangers, and even more excited to get them on snow, so stay tuned for updates.

In the meantime, here’s the full press release from Fischer:

Crafted to Ski More: Fischer Announces Newly Designed Ranger Series

AUBURN, NH. (January 24, 2022) —Jack of all trades, master of more: The new All-mountain / Freeride line truly lives up to its name by offering skiers endless opportunities on the mountain.

The new Ranger series is the result of Fischer’s ongoing collaboration between athletes and product developers with the aim of making this iconic line of skis even more engaging. The slogan “Crafted to ski more” is the guiding principle.

Regardless of conditions, terrain, or skier preferences, the Ranger line generates a stronger desire to ski. Thanks to a completely new geometry, these skis are extremely versatile. They cut through crud, float in powder, and can be trusted in the steepest, harshest conditions. The collection is designed for skiers seeking strong and stable performance in the fall line and those looking for playful and drifty performance. Coming from a brand with ski racing in its DNA, any of the skis in the Ranger series are a blast for carving.

A unique feature of the new Ranger series is the incorporation of individually cut Titanal plates, called Shaped Ti. The narrower the ski, the longer the Titanal insert and the flatter the tail, which supports more fall-line oriented skiers seeking more responsiveness. The wider models, from the Ranger 102 to the 116, increase playfulness thanks to the reduced Titanal along the length of the ski, a larger Flexcut, and increased tail rise. The Flexcut ensures the optimum energy characteristics for each ski, and the clean designs of the new Ranger series underscore the contemporary nature of the skis.

The Ranger series was developed with close attention to the construction materials used to reduce environmental impact. Each model has 20-25% recycled steel edges. The top sheets are 50% vegetable oil-based and contain 10% recycled materials, and the bases are made with at least 50% recycled content. The skis feature a zero-waste wood core and the Titanal used contains at least 80% recycled content. All materials used are REACH compliant, and the Austrian production facilities use 60% solar energy.

The models will be available in selected stores beginning February, 2022.

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30 comments on “Fischer Announces Redesigned 22/23 Ranger Series”

  1. The marketing stuff they’ve put out so far has been pretty interesting so far, the design/topsheet look fantastic… I’m just hoping they didn’t go too light

    • Yup. The language about reducing torsional stiffness has me the most concerned. Every review of the 102 talks about how great it carves, even on ice, hopefully they didn’t screw that up. Rocker shape and reducing edge length at the tips increases playfulness better than reducing torsional stiffness, IMO. Hopefully, it’s an actual improvement and people aren’t forced to try to collect the old design.

      • Feel like the Blister guys have always felt the Ranger Ti skis, in particular, are really stiff; so these skis can lose some stiffness compared to the old 107ti, for example, and still have a pretty stiff ski. Also, if the new 102 has the amount of metal in it that it looks like it does (based on the images in Fischer’s release), it will have MORE metal than the current 102 does. Basically, I take “reducing torsional stiffness” to mean the split metal they’re using reduces stiffness vs. solid metal across the width of the ski.

        My concern is if they will still use aeroshape and some carbon / lightweight material in the tips to keep the swing weight low, as I’ve found that to be key with the existing Ranger skis.

    • They indeed did. Skied it last weekend on soft chop and little bit of crud. Did not feel confident on drops or blasting open turns on variable snow. Like the old one:(

  2. Hoping the 106 will compliment the 99ti I currently am on an love, as a soft snow 50/50 ski with shifts in 2 ski quiver. Thanks for the recommendations this year, helped my skiing a ton.

  3. I really don’t understand! Do they want to change the perfect masterpiece 21/22 Ranger 102 (pink/blue version) into something new?!?
    These skis are live, strong, inspiring, good looking, they make you want more and to push yourself to your boundaries.. I hope only the graphics are going to change

  4. Might have to scoop up a couple extra 184cm older model 102’s before they are all gone! It’s the swiss army knife of skis and why they would mess with that is beyond me!

  5. Yes agree. My 12 year old big mountain skier needed a new pair of skis for this years comps. No one reviews skis specifically for these 100lb tweeners so contacted Blister. Jonathan recommended the 102’s and my boy loves them. He took them to Zermatt over xmas and carved the glaciers along side all the hard core Euro skiers (no snow out there); then returned to T’ride for lots of pow and later chop and then really “firm” bumps last couple of weeks. Ski just performs across all categories, including park. I hope they dont screw this up. And thanks to Jonathan and the Blister team – by far the most knowledgable group in the industry.

  6. “More playfulness” and less metal.. well, I think I will stick to my current 102s.

    It’s a shame because I really like the clean white topsheet, that’s the part I’d like.

  7. Pour one out for the 107Ti, which is one of my favorite non-racing skis.

    They were only selling that ski in Europe this year as it was, and it looks like it has no equivalent in the new lineup. “Playful and drifty”, meh.

    • I have the 107ti and it’s a great ski, but the new line has a 108, and they all will still have metal in them, so I’m hoping the new 108 will still plow through crud and hold an edge at least somewhere as well as the 107ti and maybe gain a little playfulness with it.

  8. I was able to get my hands on these a little early and got my first runs in with them last night. Honestly, I didn’t feel too much different from the 102 FR in the conditions I had them in last night (hard pack with an inch of fresh snow on top). They felt strong, fast, stable, but still playful and nimble. Pretty happy with them. I skied the 176.

  9. Thumbs up Fischer for including recycled materials and a less waste approach to construction! I like the colors, except that off-white one should be black instead.

  10. I’m curious to see if the rocker profile changed much. Glad the weight remained consistent with prior versions. I think the new top sheets look boring AF but they do look clean! RIP Electric Blue/Hot Pink ☹️

    The Ranger 102FR is such an amazing ski I hope it keeps getting better and doesn’t take a step back with this new update!!

  11. The new Ski is in the fukken same ballpark weight-wise….the Pair 183 / 103’s i bought today is @ 2090 and 2095 Grams…with the 2021/2022 marker kingpin13 (including brakes)on it its 2800 and 2810 Grams…so btw…Blister, the new Kingpin -Design(with its lighter alpinist-Toe) got about 80 Grams lighter but even beefier feeling now… #statthat

  12. A week ago Fischer scared me stiff with this new line of Rangers and hence I quickly bought the 21/22 version of 92 TI. I want to have those two sheets of metal in each and reducing the torsional stiffness is the last thing I would appreciate. It would only make the ski more nervous, especially on firm snow.

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