Marker Kingpin Update

We’ve received a lot of questions about the availability of the Marker Kingpin AT binding ever since it was announced last May that Marker was involved in patent infringement lawsuit with G3 over the Kingpin’s brake mechanism. Marker removed the Kingpin from their US website, and hysteria ensued.

Blister's update on the Marker Kingpin
Marker Kingpin 13

However, we’ve just confirmed with Marker that the issue has been resolved, and that the Kingpin will indeed be available for sale this year. The Kingpin is back on Marker’s website, and you should expect to see it in shops in time for the 17/18 season.

We’ve had several reviewers on the Kingpin, and all have come away impressed by its combination of uphill efficiency and downhill performance — which is why we gave it a “Best Of” award in last year’s Buyer’s Guide. So if you are in the market for an AT binding, now is a great time to check out Paul Forward’s review of the Kingpin, as well as Jonathan Ellsworth’s 2nd Look.

And you should also keep an eye out for our First Look at the Kingpin’s newest competitor, the Fritschi Tecton 12. We’ve been getting time on it, and we’ll be posting our initial impressions later this week.

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  1. Hey guys….I’m going to be mounting a set of Kingpin’s (13) to a 108 Zero G this season. Can I bend the 100 brake “to fit” or do I need the 125 brake? I’ve always bent Look Pivots on my in-bounds skis but have been hearing from different sources I should not do this with this tech binding. What are your thoughts?


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