Wagner Custom Skis founder, Pete Wagner (Ep.57)

We recently headed to Telluride to talk to Pete Wagner, founder of Wagner Custom Skis, and to check out Pete’s gorgeous production facility that’s located right in the heart of Mountain Village.

We’ve had Pete on the podcast once before, to participate in our round-table on custom ski building. But this time, we went on location to Telluride to check out Pete’s truly remarkable factory that’s right in the heart of Mountain Village. It’s an incredible space, we’ve never seen a ski factory quite like it, and you ought to go check it out for yourself. (For now, however, you can take a look at some photos below.)

We talked to Pete about why the current indie ski scene is so confusing; the unique connection Wagner Skis has with Telluride; some of the challenges that a small ski builder faces today, and what aspect of the Wagner ski-building process that Pete is most proud of, and more.


  • Why the “indie” ski scene is so confusing (2:43)
  • Of the potential customers coming to check out Wagner Custom, what is it that they care about the most? (4:55)
  • Pete’s new shop, and the unique connection between Telluride and Wagner Skis (6:54)
  • Ski Construction 101: Wood Cores – Do they really matter? How do they differ? (11:38)
  • When it comes to downhill performance, are you impressed by the new lighter-weight materials you’re seeing and working with? (18:15)
  • Is Wagner Custom getting more orders for backcountry skis these days? (24:27)
  • What are your particular challenges as a small, custom ski builder? (28:14)
  • Is it easier or harder today to be a small ski builder? (31:17)
  • What are you most proud of in terms of your specific ski-building process? (34:34)

Photos of the Wagner Custom Skis Shop

Pete Wagner, Wagner Custom Skis, Blister Podcast
Wagner Custom Skis — Storefront, Mountain Village.
Pete Wagner, Wagner Custom Skis, Blister Podcast
Watching skis get built at Wagner Custom.
Pete Wagner, Wagner Custom Skis, Blister Podcast
The entrance of Wagner Custom Skis.
Pete Wagner, Wagner Custom Skis, Blister Podcast
Wood core with Wagner’s “carbon fiber torsion box” construction.

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  1. Another ski company intertwined with its community is Romp Skis from Crested Butte. They’re in town instead of next to the chairlift, but still so many locals rep those skis. They’d be an interesting brand to put on the podcast. I’d be fascinated to learn more about brands that have both stock and custom models, and what making skis for the military is like

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