Rossignol Announces 22/23 Sender & Rallybird Skis & HI-SPEED Boots

Rossignol Announces 22/23 Sender & Rallybird Skis & HI-SPEED Boots; Blister discusses the details
2022-2023 Rossignol Rallybird 104 Ti, 102, 92 (photo by Jackson Bradshaw)

Rossignol recently announced some changes and new products for their 2022-2023 lineup, including both new skis and new boots. They’re all available at select retailers right now, with a full product launch in the fall of 2022. You’ll also be able to try several of the skis for yourself at our upcoming Blister Summit.

2022-2023 Rossignol Sender & Rallybird Skis

On the ski side, several of the 21/22 Blackops skis are being separated from the Blackops line. Basically, the more directional Blackops skis (Sender series, Rallybird series, Escaper, Stargazer) will now fall under the new standalone “Sender” and “Rallybird” series. The 21/22 Blackops Gamer and Holyshred will revert back to their original names, the Blackops 118 and Blackops 98, respectively.

While many of 22/23 skis keep the same construction as the 21/22 models (including the 118), several of the Sender skis are getting some tweaks.

The Sender Squad’s construction remains the same — it’s still a very big, very heavy, very damp ski, it just no longer has “Blackops” in its name.

The Blackops Sender Ti becomes the Sender 106 Ti Plus, and the new name brings with it a construction update. It features a tweaked version of Rossi’s “Carbon Alloy Matrix,” with the carbon weave now wrapping around the PEFC poplar wood core, rather than being a flat layer. In a similar vein, the “Plus” in the name refers to its “Ti Beam Plus,” which is essentially a partial (not full length) titanal layer wrapping over the sides of the wood core for more torsional rigidity. This feature carries over from the Blackops Sender Ti.

Rossignol Announces 22/23 Sender & Rallybird Skis & HI-SPEED Boots; Blister discusses the details
2022-2023 Rossignol Sender 106 Ti Plus, 104 Ti, 94 Ti, Pro (photo by Jackson Bradshaw)

The 22/23 Sender 104 Ti and Sender 94 Ti are very similar to the 21/22 Blackops Sender and Blackops Escaper, respectively, except that the “Ti Beam” partial metal layer now extends farther toward the tips and tails than the Blackops versions of the skis, though it doesn’t wrap over the core like the Sender 106 Ti Plus.

The 22/23 Rallybird 104 Ti, 102, and 92 are constructionally the same as the 21/22 Blackops Rallybird Ti, Rallybird, and Stargazer, respectively.

You can see all the specs and images for the skis on Rossignol’s website. Want to try the skis? You’ll be able to at our upcoming Blister Summit at the end of February.

Rossignol Announces 22/23 Sender & Rallybird Skis & HI-SPEED Boots; Blister discusses the details
Rossignol HI-SPEED Elite 130 Carbon (photo by Blake Jorgenson)

2022-2023 Rossignol HI-SPEED Boots

On the boot side, Rossignol is launching the new “HI-SPEED” series of alpine boots, which includes multiple last options: 98 mm (LV), 100 mm (MV), and 102 mm (HV). These are designed to be high-performance boots with an emphasis on customization and new production methods.

Rossignol highlights that the HI-SPEED boots are built using a Dual Core construction (similar to Lange’s boots), but the HI-Speed Elite 130 Carbon and HI-SPEED Pro 130 Carbon boots use a carbon-fiber-reinforced polyurethane for the inner structure, and then a softer polyurethane for the rest of the boot. They also state that the “generative design structure allows us to optimize material thicknesses in key zones; a more rigid lattice on the lower part of the shell and in the back of the cuff. Other zones optimize thickness to reduce the weight.”

The HI-SPEED boots also feature an “Asymmetric Dual Core Cuff,” which features thicker shell walls on the inner side of the cuff to better transfer energy to the inside edges of the ski. Rossignol also states: “the design of the cuff’s hinge has been moved up 1.2cm and forward 1cm, when compared to the 21/22 ALL-SPEED boot. The higher hinge point comes from Rossignol’s race program and Hero boot line; moving the hinge forward better aligns it biomechanically and makes it more accessible in the less extreme angles of the average performance skier (versus a world cup athlete).”

The HI-SPEED boots feature built-in adjustments to tweak the stiffness of the flex (via cuff bolts), forward lean, and cuff alignment.

Finally, the HI-SPEED boots feature Rossi’s new “5-Zone” liner, which they sum up as follows:

“The HI-SPEED liner has a special construction that allows a high level of thermoforming in the ankle bone, metatarsal (1st and 5th) and navicular zones to mold perfectly to the shape of the foot – while the rest of the structure retains its properties for perfect support. This ensures excellent support and therefore very high technical properties. The 5-Zone liner is pre-formed in each of the five thermoform zones and features a new seamless toe box that has been tested to resist heat loss 20% better than the previous stitched toe box. As part of the HI-SPEED launch, Rossignol brings a new True Form Molding machine to dealers that allows for three levels of customization and a new way of heating boots for thermoforming, simultaneously from both the inside and outside.”

Rossignol Announces 22/23 Sender & Rallybird Skis & HI-SPEED Boots; Blister discusses the details
Rossignol HI-SPEED Elite 130 Carbon

Here are the different models for all the HI-SPEED boots. Currently, it looks like they’ll only be offered from size 24.5 to 31.5, but we’ll report back if we get any information about potential HI-SPEED boots for those with smaller feet.

HI-SPEED Elite LV (98 mm last): 130 Carbon, 120, 110

HI-SPEED Pro MV (100 mm last): 130 Carbon, 120, 110, 100

HI-SPEED MV (102 mm last): 130, 120, 100, 80

You can find some more info about the HI-SPEED line on Rossignol’s website.

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