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Blister's Deep Dive comparisons of 130-flex alpine ski boots

Deep Dive: 130-Flex Alpine Ski Boots

We directly compare several 130-flex alpine boots, including the Salomon S/Max 130 & S/Max 130 Carbon, Nordica Promachine 130, Head Raptor 140 RS & Nexo LYT 130, Atomic Hawx Ultra 130, and K2 Recon 130.

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Conrad Anker's "short essay on being positive"

Timely Words from Conrad Anker

Yesterday afternoon, the great alpinist, Conrad Anker, posted what he called, “a short essay on being positive.” And they are words worth far more than the time it takes to read them. Check out the full essay here.

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Jed Doane reviews the Big Agnes Flume UL 30 for Blister

Big Agnes Flume UL 30 Sleeping Bag

Picking out the right sleeping bag comes down to a lot of compromises: Light, or durable? Packable, or comfortable? But the Big Agnes Flume UL 30 is one of the best bags we’ve used when it comes to being very light and still maintaining comfort.

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Blister's 2018 Ski Sock Roundup; Best Ski Socks

Ski Sock Roundup — 2018

The wrong pair of ski socks can screw up your day. So we’ve rounded up 17 pairs — from ultra-thin to thickly cushioned — and noted what sets each apart, and which will likely work best for you.

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Sam Shaheen reviews the Flylow Cooper Jacket for Blister

Flylow Cooper Jacket

The Cooper is a brand-new shell from Flylow that uses their new air-permeable waterproof fabric. It also offers a rare combination of traits that make it a great shell for both inbounds and backcountry use.

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2018-2019 Rossignol Experience 94 Ti

The new Rossi Experience 94 Ti has a fairly forgiving shovel and a pretty powerful tail. So does it feel like more of a wider, dedicated carver? Or is it a truly versatile, go-anywhere, all-mountain ski? Check out our full review.

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Cy Whitling reviews the Strafe Cham Jacket and Pants for Blister

Strafe Cham Jacket and Pants

We’ve been big fans of Strafe’s Cham Jacket and Pants, and this year they updated them with an all-new fabric. So how does the new kit compare to the previous version, and to the rest of the competition?

Noah Bodman reviews the Devinci Spartan for Blister

2019 Devinci Spartan

Devinci’s Trail bikes have historically occupied a versatile middle ground — pretty good on the up, and pretty good on the down. So does the most recent iteration of the Devinci Spartan continue this trend?

Will Ritter, founder of Spark R&D, on the Blister Podcast GEAR:30

Spark R&D — Part 2 (Ep.28)

We talk to Spark R&D founder, Will Ritter, about some of Spark’s current products, collaborating with CAST Touring and 22 Designs, and implementing solar power in their factory in Bozeman, Montana.

Luke Koppa reviews the Patagonia Micro Puff Hoody for Blister

Patagonia Micro Puff Hoody

We’ve now used the Patagonia Micro Puff Hoody for around 125 days, and we’re still huge fans of this jacket (which is why it received a “Best Of” award in our 18/19 Winter Buyer’s Guide). Check out our updated review.

Jonathan Ellsworth reviews the Renoun Z-Line 90 for Blister

2018-2019 Renoun Z-Line 90

Renoun’s technology and construction is far from traditional. But what happens when you apply it to a more traditional shape? Check out our full review of the Renoun Z-Line 90.

Nathan Williard reviews the Marzocchi Transfer Dropper Post for Blister

Marzocchi Transfer Dropper Post

After more than three months of testing, the Marzocchi Transfer dropper post has proven to be just as good, if not better than most of the other posts we’ve used.

Luke Koppa reviews the Outdoor Research Hemispheres Jacket for Blister

Outdoor Research Hemispheres Jacket

Gore-Tex has been around forever, but they just recently released a brand-new fabric. And the backcountry-oriented Outdoor Research Hemispheres Jacket is one of the first pieces to utilize it.

Blister's Guide to the Best Skis for Beginners

Best Skis for Beginners: A Guide

If you are new to skiing — or just haven’t gone in a while — here is our guide to what you ought to look for in a ski, whether you are looking to rent or buy.