Adventure Photographer, Adam Clark (Ep.164)

Adam Clark goes on the Blister Podcast to discuss his photography career, his favorite camera gear, his most memorable trips and shots, and more
Marcus Caston, photographed by Adam Clark.

We talk to the skier and adventure photographer, Adam Clark, about how he got started in photography; how he went about making a name for himself and honing his craft; his favorite camera gear; one of his most memorable ski trips; and a whole lot more.


  • Dentists + whale watching = photo career (5:06)
  • Adam’s 1st season shooting skiing (13:49)
  • Shooting with film vs digital cameras (23:09)
  • Camera setups & current favorite (25:05)
  • Most memorable ski trip? (34:51)
  • Shooting skiing vs other outdoor activities (40:44)
  • Shooting & moving in the mountains safely (43:13)
  • Skiing with Blister reviewer Paul Forward in Alaska (51:46)
  • Shooting video vs taking photos (58:26)
  • Dream locations to ski & to shoot? (1:04:16)
  • Media & inspiration (1:07:43)

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