Andrew Alexander King & The Between Worlds Project (Ep.159)

Andrew Alexander King goes on the Blister Podcast to discuss his Between Worlds project, trying to become the first African American to climb the highest mountain and volcano on each continent, and much more
Andrew Alexander King atop Pico de Orizaba, the highest volcano in North America.

Our guest this week is Andrew Alexander King who is an explorer, alpinist, climber, and surfer who was born in Detroit, Michigan. Andrew has climbed over 50 different mountains around the world from Kilimanjaro to the highest mountain in the Atlantic, Indian, and the Pacific Ocean, and is currently training and aiming to become the first African American to climb the highest mountain and volcano on each continent.

Andrew’s story is very interesting, and he is currently at work on The Between Worlds Project, which is every bit as interesting and important.


  • The Between Worlds Project (2:16)
  • Growing up in Detroit (7:56)
  • Moving to Hawaii, getting into surfing (22:48)
  • Representation in the outdoor space (25:11)
  • Attending college & navigating the corporate world (34:59)
  • Working with brands (46:21)
  • Current status of The Between Worlds Project (59:03)
Blister Outdoor Gear review Crested Butte
When he's not summiting peaks, Andrew Alexander King also enjoys getting barreled.

3 comments on “Andrew Alexander King & The Between Worlds Project (Ep.159)”

  1. This is the kind content that makes Blister stand out. Good show. Additionally,

    1. Money Jungle. I’m not saying it’s Duke’s best, but one I go back to frequently.

    2. Just curious. What podcasts do you find intriguing or influential? Can be a shared list.

  2. This was such an inspiring conversation. I’m loving how Blister is becoming so much more than a gear review site.

    Thanks, Andrew and Jonathan!

  3. Also, thanks for the music recommendation, Good Zamboni. I’d never heard Fleurette Africaine before today.

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