Avalanche Airbags, Close Calls, & Backcountry Safety (Ep.45)

Near-death experiences, avalanche airbags, and changing risk tolerance — this week we talk to mountain guide and Mammut’s safety expert, Doug Workman, about life and survival in the mountains.
Doug Workman discusses Avalanche safety on Blister's GEAR:30 podcast
Dougworkman in Valdez, AK. (photo by Mike Bachman)


  • Doug’s background in the mountains (2:18)
  • Does safety gear affect risk assessment? (3:55)
  • How an airbag saved Doug’s life (12:15)
  • Are airbags becoming “required” backcountry gear? (22:34)
  • An unfair hypothetical: airbags or transceivers? (25:12)
  • The importance of good partners in the backcountry (29:40)
  • Doug’s favorite guiding experiences (32:33)

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1 comment on “Avalanche Airbags, Close Calls, & Backcountry Safety (Ep.45)”

  1. sam, great interview. getting a guest like doug to give earnest and forthrite answers to important questions is so very helpfull to people heading into the alpine.

    i have said this before, but kudos to yall at blister for making the focus of these types of podcasts about the process. not the gear, or the exhaltation of the experience. but, the decision making process for staying safe and being a repeat participant…

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