Bikes vs. Skis, 2021: Part 1 (Ep.71)

Bikes vs. Skis, 2021: Part 1 (Ep.71), BLISTER
Eric Freson & Luke Koppa showing that biking and skiing share at least one thing in common: going sideways.

Which bike & ski company would you buy stock in right now? Which company is currently holding the “Cool Kids Belt”? Who is currently overhyped, and who is flying under the radar? Who do other brands secretly wish they could trade places with? We answer all of these questions and more in our latest edition of Bikes vs. Skis. Check it out, and tell us your answers to these questions in the comments section.


  • Who is offering the most bang for your buck (bike) (1:36)
  • Best bang for your buck? (ski) (5:42)
  • Who has the best complete lineup? (bike) (9:58)
  • Who has the best complete lineup? (ski) (14:10)
  • Current holder of the Cool Kids Belt? (bike) (21:05)
  • Current holder of the Cool Kids Belt? (ski) (26:36)
  • Who do all the others want to trade places with? (bike) (32:58)
  • Who do all the others want to trade places with? (ski) (36:38)
  • Who is flying under the radar? (bike) (43;38)
  • Who is flying under the radar? (ski) (48:04)
  • Who is currently overhyped? (bike) (52:39)
  • Who is currently overhyped? (ski) (56:57)
  • Who has the strongest brand loyalty? (bike) (1:05:11)
  • Who has the strongest brand loyalty? (ski) (1:08:59)
  • Who would you buy stock in right now? (bike) (1:14:00)
  • Who would you buy stock in right now? (ski) (1:22:38)


10 comments on “Bikes vs. Skis, 2021: Part 1 (Ep.71)”

  1. I feel like if these questions were asked in reverse order it would tell a different story. Well at least for Kastle and Stockli. My understanding is both brands were owned by investors in Aspen. So, naturally, they promoted the brands locally to secure their investment. I believe that Kastle sold to new buyers. So my question is how long will the loyalty last, and/or what’s the next brand Chris Davenport will buy into once the golden handcuffs are gone in 1-3 years?

  2. Love the “Cool Kids” Shirt. XL please!

    Had another thought… what about

    “Best Dad bike”
    “Best Dad ski”

    These are the things I think about when I’m ripping “Dad Turns” in “Dad Pow” or flying down “Dad Trail”


  3. Bikes vs skis! Yeah! I’ve been waiting for a post about this subject to share my GREAT REALIZATION: Clipless pedals are to cycling as carving is to skiing. Both require technical skill, and add a great deal to the experience. Both are not really necessary, but as an essential part of being an all around athlete. Both have a kind of intriguing mystique, especially to beginners. And so on and so on. Clear as day. Enjoy!

    • I see what you’re saying ,and I partially agree , but I would put forth that clipless pedals are to biking as lightweight (as in less than 400g) pin bindings are to ski touring. Because you could get by with a Duke or Kingpin (or , on a bike , think super cheap metal flat pedals) , but as soon as you see how much of a difference it makes to have a Dynafit TLT or G Zed (or , again with bikes , a clipless pedal OR a flat pedal with tons of grip thats paired with a biking specific shoe) , you’ll probably wonder why you didnt try it sooner.

  4. Best dad bike is anything from Specialized or Trek and ski would be Atomics. If you still rip and are a dad, Blizzards for sure.

  5. Let’s bang the stockli/Kastle drum again, they cost the most, do they ski the best?? We need answers, we need the truth (even if we can’t handle the truth)

  6. I don’t know if this thought should be on this podcast or the one with the Bike Buyers guide. Obviously I can’t imagine Blister reviewing every bike. As it is, what you do with skis is inconceivable to me. But in thinking about skis and bikes, it came to my mind that what I like in skis I also like in bikes. I prefer a playful bike that can be ridden hard than a stable bike that I try to make playful. I’ve come to prefer 27.5 tires even though I’m 6′ tall. I’m curious to wonder if by geometry there are “playful” 29ners which are the bulk of the market. That are DH oriented. Or considering beyond my personal preferences, if in future Bike Buying guides Blister has the spectrum lists like skis. DH to XC, or playful vs stable. You already do an amazing job on the Brand guides on the website. It’d be interesting to see cross brand groupings if not strict rankings. …because you’re not doing enough already.

    I really like the section of “what bike I’m missing”. A good endorsement like JE’s often mentioned Fischer 102 FR.

  7. Chromag for Cool Kids bike co. If you want to get really “underground/punk”, then Starling. Otherwise I’d agree that RAAW should be mentioned, but Norco and Commencal are too ubiquitous to be cool kids bikes.

  8. It would be out of character if I didn’t pipe up every time there’s a mention of the Blizzard Bodacious in a review or podcast. Love ’em. And the Atomic Atlas. I’m 50, so I guess I’m right in line with Steve’s assertions about dad skis. Even though I’m just a cat dad. Still counts, right?

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