Reviewing the News w/ Cody Townsend (March 2023) (Ep.254)

Reviewing the News w/ Cody Townsend (March 2023) (Ep.254), BLISTER
Cody on his 40th birthday

Today, Cody and I discuss the bizarre Gwyneth Paltrow ski trial; Yakama Nation & hydro-electric energy development; the federal proposal to ban fixed anchors in wilderness areas; ski patroller vs. skier; wieners in the wild; the most Canadian news; mountain town advice; and more.




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  1. Jonathan and Cody,
    Count me in as one of your 100 hundred listeners. The podcast is excellent, and I really enjoy listening to the news with Cody. I live in the Boston area; in my past life, I lived in Steamboat Springs for several years. The insight into mountain town life is entertaining and connects me to my past life. And it is entertaining to hear about the news that matters to the outdoor world and your perspectives. All of your podcast episodes are worthy, but I look forward to Reviewing the News with Cody each month. Thank you.

  2. Saw a stomped out dick in France in January. Was on Balme and the place was skied out but the cock booters found a dip / flat spot to avoid and it was the only fresh snow in the ski area and almost under the lift.

    I want to see a photo of someone from Atlantic eating a football sized goldfish

  3. Paging Blister Tahoe clan and The Townsend family: April 13-19 in S. Tahoe. Need a Anniversary Dinner restaurant recommendation. Includes 12 and 14 year old sons.

  4. For spring/summer skiing in CA, the big winner is usually Mammoth. The main-lodge side of the mountain, which is the part that stays open beyond April, extends from 9000-11000′. It’s therefore 2-3 thousand feet higher than everything in Tahoe other than Kirkwood and Mt Rose. That lets it hold snow a bit later since it runs a bit cooler and gets less base-destroying rain in the spring.

    I rode Palisades 2 weeks ago and Mammoth all of last week, and the riding is extremely good right now.

    Mammoth says they’re going to stay open through 7/31 at a minimum, and the last time the base was even close to where it is right now (this year is a record) they were allowing skis on the gondola all the way up until August 13. That was wild.

  5. wrt the Paltrow trial, the guy who sued her was such an obvious fraud that it made me feel sympathy for her, and that’s a seriously heavy lift?

    Can somebody please sue her for something bad that she actually did do, like literally everything on Goop?

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