Reviewing the News w/ Len Necefer (April 2023) (Ep.258)

While Cody is off trying to get on top of some peak somewhere, we brought in a guest host who can actually draw more than 100 listeners: Dr. Len Necefer, founder of Natives Outdoors and the Sonoran Avalanche Center. Len and I talk about the Gwyneth Paltrow ski trial, The Most Sonoran News, Luis Benitez & the creation of a new federal office of outdoor recreation, mountain town advice, and, you’ll hear the craziest “What We’re Reading” segment in the history of Reviewing the News.

You can also check out our panel session on The Future of Snowsports with Len — and all the Blister Summit panel sessions and brand lineup videos — on our BLISTER YouTube channel.




3 comments on “Reviewing the News w/ Len Necefer (April 2023) (Ep.258)”

  1. Am I the only one who is struggling to find which parts of this is pure satire and which is real? Is it all satire?

  2. I always listen with great fascination to “Reviewing the News”, but damn does it now seem downright provincial compared to CGI ski spooning, de-stinging stingrays, and outdoor gear shops being bedfellows by association with sexual well-being outfits.

    … and THEN I got into that ChatGPT Sidewinder avalanche collab and yeah: saving “Succession” for Cody definitely was the right call.

    Awesome. Yet another 100th follower for the show.

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