Bode Miller on Education, Mental Preparation, Technology, Ski Design, & More (Ep.154)

Bode Miller goes on the Blister Podcast to discuss his ski racing career, SKEO, data and skiing, ICL (institute for civic leadership), and more
Bode Miller

Bode Miller is one of the greatest ski racers of all time — and he’s certainly one of the most interesting people to ever do it. In this very wide-ranging conversation, we talk about Bode’s involvement in rethinking education (ICL: Institute for Civic Leadership); the use of technology and data to make skiing easier and to help people ski better (SKEO); the crucial lesson his grandmother taught him at a young age; his greatest competitive advantage as a ski racer; his interest in reenvisioning advertising (DTX); what he hopes to do in terms of ski design with Crosson Skis; and more.


  • Rethinking Education: ICL: Institute for Civic Leadership (2:40)
  • Tech, Data, & Skiing: SKEO (11:52)
  • Benefits & dangers of new technologies (17:46)
  • Lesson from Bode’s grandma (24:36)
  • Various factors of ski racing (30:12)
  • Bode’s greatest competitive advantage (33:43)
  • Rethinking Advertising: DTX & Flowcode (43:33)
  • Bode on ski design: Crosson Skis (56:45)

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  1. Interesting stuff! Also–as a teacher, the inverted/flipped classroom is nothing new, and many teachers have been using this model for years–even public schools!

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