Brooklyn Bell on Biking, Art, Skiing, & More (Ep.52)

Brooklyn Bell goes on Blister's Bikes & Big Ideas Podcast to discuss mountain biking, skiing, art, figure skating, frogs, and much more
Brooklyn Bell (photo by Matt Roebke)

Our guest today is Brooklyn Bell, who is a mountain biker and a skier and an artist and a former figure skater and a future frog scientist (maybe). So we talk about all of that and a whole lot more, including Brooklyn’s current big idea.


  • Preacher, teacher, or frog scientist? (2:20)
  • Brooklyn’s hobbies as a kid (5:06)
  • Art & “Mountain Art” (10:25)
  • Getting into biking in Bellingham (18:54)
  • Skiing vs mtn biking as boyfriend types (25:50)
  • Becoming Ruby (33:48)
  • Current favorite type of riding? (44:57)
  • Brooklyn’s TV & music recommendations (48:28)

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