Amateur Hour: Paul Forward on Arrows (Ep.37)

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Last year on CRAFTED, we talked with Blister reviewer, Paul Forward, about the art, ethics, and craftsmanship of traditional bows. And today, we’re publishing the companion conversation to that episode, where our subject is, naturally … arrows.

We recorded this right after Paul had returned from his annual hunting trip on Kodiak Island, in Alaska, so we talk a bit about that trip; provide a brief recap of Paul’s personal hunting ethic, and then, we dive into the art – and the science – of arrows.

Kodiak Island (5:29)
Only a Traditional Bow (11:10)
Arrows: An Amateur’s Take (14:42)r
Relating Arrow’s to Skis (28:39)
Feathers: Weights, Forces, and Angles (34:10)
Broadheads (44:17)
Price Range (52:07)
Summary of arrows (54:49)
Arrow Makers (57:54)
Beginner arrows vs advanced Arrows (1:00:19)
Art and Science of Arrows (1:04:10)

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