Crosson Skis founder, Chase Englehart (Ep.61)

Topics & Times

  • The Crosson Backstory (2:03)
  • What makes your skis different / better? (12:44)
  • Park Ski: Rogue (22:14)
  • All-Mountain Skis: Imperium & Raider (28:11)
  • Powder Ski: Marauder (30:21)
  • Weight (31:23)
  • Crosson bases & custom base structures (35:19)
  • Price, Warranty, & Added Value (39:22)
  • Materials & what they’re doing in-house (44:34)
  • Their press (46:04)
  • Why manufacture in Tukwila? (48:55)
  • Their athletes: Banks Gilberti & Bobby Brown (51:17)
  • Where to check out or buy Crosson Skis (54:59)

Crosson Skis is a small, new company building skis outside of Seattle — and they are making some very big claims.

So we talk to their founder, Chase Englehart, about the origins of Crosson; what makes their skis different — and better — than what’s out there; manufacturing skis in Tukwila, WA; working with athletes like Bobby Brown and Banks Gilberti; and their 19/20 lineup.

On Blister's GEAR:30 podcast, Jonathan Ellsworth talks with Crosson Skis founder, Chase Englehart about the brand and how it does things differently.
Crosson Imperium, Raider, Rogue, and Marauder

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