Dustin Adams on Racing, Manufacturing, & We Are One’s Next Big Thing (Ep.19)


  • How do you describe We Are One? (2:49)
  • How is COVID-19 affecting your manufacturing? (5:04)
  • Dustin’s life before We Are One (9:17)
  • Current product line (23:11)
  • Teaming up with Industry Nine (30:08)
  • What’s the story with the Kona WC Team? (31:26)
  • The Next Big Thing from We Are One (35:02)
  • What’s Your Big Idea? (41:30)

Many of you remember Dustin Adams from his DH-racing days (the guy was fast), and others of you know of Dustin as the guy behind We Are One, the company making carbon rims, wheels, and other bike stuff in British Columbia.

So we talked to Dustin about what it’s like being a composites manufacturer in Kamloops, BC; Dustin’s path from racing DH to starting We Are One; being a manufacturer in the time of COVID-19; and we talk about the big new thing they’re currently working on.

Dustin Adams goes on Bikes & Big Ideas to discuss We Are One Components
Dustin Adams of We Are One. (photo by Andy Vathis)

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