How & Why We Do What We Do

If you’re curious about Blister’s history, how the review world generally works, and how and why we do things differently, check out the recent Channel Mastery podcast, where Jonathan Ellsworth was asked to discuss Blister’s background and mission.
Kristin Carpenter interviews Jonathan Ellsworth about the history of BLISTER on the Channel Mastery podcast.
Blister founder and editor-in-chief, Jonathan Ellsworth, in his car in its usual state.

7 comments on “How & Why We Do What We Do”

  1. Do you have plans to get on the ON3P Billy Goat next season? Super interested in this ski. Would also be cool to hear about how it compares to the Moment Wildcat. Different shapes and styles, but I’ve gotten the impression that they both are maneuverable skis that are capable of making huge, powerful turns at higher speed.

    Thanks, Joel

  2. Thanks Blister crew! Great work, I’m a big fan. If you are ever out at Squaw let me buy you a beer!

  3. After several years of following and supporting Blister in whatever small way I can the largest surprise I’ve found is questioning myself before criticizing. Do I thoroughly have my information, facts, experiences correct?

    Thank you Jonathan

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