National Brotherhood of Skiers co-founder & U.S. Ski Hall of Fame inductee, Art Clay (Ep. 137)


  • Growing up in Chicago in the 1940s (3:52)
  • College at Clark (12:51)
  • Serving in the army, learning about skiing (15:34)
  • Ski Club meeting in Chicago (20:28)
  • 1st time you went skiing (23:05)
  • The long coats of “The Gang” (32:24)
  • When did you start thinking about creating a national organization (37:16)
  • Black Summit (39:39)
  • NBS’ Olympic Scholarship Fund (46:24)


• Website: National Brotherhood of Skiers

• Film: Brotherhood of Skiing

• Application: NBS Olympic Scholarship Fund

Our guest today is the co-founder of the National Brotherhood of Skiers, Art Clay, and he and his NBS co-founder, Ben Finley, are the first African Americans to be inducted into the US Ski-Snowboard Hall of Fame.

I sat down with Art at his home in Chicago to talk about growing up in Chicago in the 1940s; his first time skiing; the idea to start the National Brotherhood of Skiers; cutie pies; the Black Summit; and more.

National Brotherhood of Skiers co-founder, Art Clay, with Blister founder, Jonathan Ellsworth
The National Brotherhood of Skiers, shown on a custom rug (Art is second from the right)

2 comments on “National Brotherhood of Skiers co-founder & U.S. Ski Hall of Fame inductee, Art Clay (Ep. 137)”

  1. Thank you, Blister founder, Jonathan Ellsworth. Congrats! to our NBS founders Art Clay and Ben Finley.

    WJackson- Texas Ski Rangers of Dallas – TSR Member since 1985 beginning of club

  2. This is hilarious to listen to! How much fun to listen to you sitting and chatting with my mentor Art!

    NBS Western Region Vice President

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