Rémy Métailler on Doing Stupid Stuff, Responsibly (Ep.56)

Rémy Métailler goes on Blister's Bikes & Big Ideas podcast to discuss his move to Propain cycles, his thoughts on mullet bikes, his biking background, his move to Whistler, his YouTube channel, plans for 2021, and much more
Rémy Métailler in BC (photo by AJ Barlas)

Rémy Métailler has described himself as someone who is “just trying to be as responsible as he can while doing stupid stuff.” So I wanted to talk to him about his approach to riding super steep, gnarly lines, and what allows him to get comfortable on these “stupid” lines. We also talk about his background, filming, Rampage, mullet bikes, and a whole lot more.


  • Growing up in France riding bikes & skiing (10:13)
  • Moving to Whistler / the bike park scene (18:18)
  • Red Bull Rampage (25:56)
  • Filming on an enduro bike (35:26)
  • Hip-hop (40:01)
  • Gambling in Vegas (42:59)
  • Calculating line choices (46:53)
  • Propain bikes (50:42)
  • Riding mullets & Remy’s bike quiver (52:32)
  • 2021 plans (56:08)
  • Remy’s big idea (58:15)


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