Reviewer Reports: Shoulder Season MTB Gear + Forks Roundup (Ep.43)

David Golay goes on Blister's Bikes & Big Ideas Podcast to discuss wet-weather mountain bike apparel, compares the RockShox ZEB, Fox 38, and Manitou Mezzer Pro forks, and more
David Golay riding his home trails

For many of us, it’s shoulder season, where the riding conditions are either wet, muddy, cold — or all of the above. And some of us live in places where we just regularly encounter wet, muddy, or cold conditions. So today we’re talking about why some of the gear that’s intended for wet/muddy riding sucks; which products have worked the best for us; and then we turn to a conversation about forks from Fox, RockShox, and Manitou.


  • Wet-weather MTB Gloves (0:49)
  • Why are MTB jackets often bad? (3:10)
  • Fox Flexair Neoshell (5:48)
  • 7Mesh Skypilot (10:23)
  • Endura MT500 II (12:21)
  • Long-travel single-crown forks (15:41)
  • 2021 Fox 40 (20:15)


4 comments on “Reviewer Reports: Shoulder Season MTB Gear + Forks Roundup (Ep.43)”

  1. Hey David,
    (Hi Jonathan too – another great podcast, thanks)
    Really good to hear about your shoulder season bike gear.
    The Fox Water gloves sound great (and I’ve been looking now we can’t get the excellent Royal Racing Mercury glove any more)
    So I picked up some Fox Water gloves in size Large and they feel a bit snug.
    Earlier this year I bought the Fox Ascent glove in XL, it seems to have very similar palm material and although a real nice glove and a great fit out of the bag, they grew quite bit (especially the palm material) after say 4 rides to the point where they were way too loose.
    Plainly, I don’t want tight gloves when its cold – so my question is- have you found they grew somewhat after bit of (especially wet) use?
    I’d love to read about your experience before I start wearing them please. Maybe I need to oder the XL
    thanks lots
    keep up the great podcasts

    • Hey Neil,

      I can’t say that I remember the Attack Water stretching a whole lot, but I’ve had my current pair for a while now, so my memory is a little hazy. I have them in an XL and the fit is great. I’m an XL in most gloves, but do have to bump up to an XXL occasionally, such as with the Troy Lee Ace.

      Not sure if that helps or not?

  2. Hi David
    If they’d stretched like my Ascent gloves did, you’d have definitely noticed as they became unusably loose – so that’s really helpful thanks very much, looks like I need the XL too. I’ll get my order in.

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