Reviewers’ 2020 Highlights & 2021 Resolutions (Ep.157)

On the Blister Podcast, several Blister reviewers discuss their highlights of 2020, and some of their resolutions and predictions about 2021
Overlooking Gothic Mountain, Crested Butte, Colorado.

For our first Blister Podcast of 2021, we asked a few of our reviewers to share one highlight of the past year; one thing they’re most looking forward to in 2021; and one new year’s resolution. We got quite a range of answers, and apparently Kristin Sinnott and I will be starting up a new reality TV show? So yeah, 2021 could really be quite the year. Please enjoy, and Happy New Year!


  • Kristin Sinnott (1:02)
  • Eric Freson (9:56)
  • Luke Koppa (15:18)
  • Sascha Anastas (19:53)
  • Gordon Gianniny (30:13)
  • Kara Williard (42:44)
  • Dylan Wood (50:01)
  • Paul Forward & Jonathan Ellsworth (57:45)

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