Reviewing the News w/ Cody Townsend (Nov 2020) (Ep.150)

Cody Townsend goes on the Blister Podcast to discuss current events ranging from Emily Harrington's 1-day free climb of El Capitan to the race to open ski areas, and much more
Cody Townsend in Blister HQ, Mt. Crested Butte, Colorado.

Today we are launching a new segment on the Blister Podcast. Each month, Cody Townsend and I will discuss some of the biggest stories and most interesting news headlines from the world of outdoor sports, and on occasion, the broader world, too. Then we’ll conclude each episode by talking about some of the best things we’ve watched, read, or listened to.

Links to all of the articles we reference are included in the Topics & Times, so check those out. And let us know in the Comments Section below what your thoughts are on some of these stories and our book / movie / tv series recommendations — and let us know what stories or recommendations should be on our radar.


(1) Emily Harrington’s Epic Climb (2:58)
Outside Magazine article
Fox News article
NBC News article & video

(2) The Race to Open Ski Areas (22:21)
Local Freshies article

(3) The Election & Outdoor Athletes (32:00)
San Francisco Chronicles article

(4) Cooking in Geysers (43:48)
Travel and Leisure article
Outside Magazine article

(5) Blevin’s Corner: Are Backcountry Lines Trade Secrets? (49:26)
Jason Blevin’s Colorado Sun article
Andy Sovick’s Beacon Guide Books

(6) The Rise & Spectacular Fall of Quibi (1:00:19)
Wall Street Journal article

(7) Best Things We’ve Watched, Read, or Listened To (1:08:22)

  • Jojo Rabbit
  • The Social Dilemma
  • Above The Clouds, by Kilian Jornet
  • The Infinite Machine, by Camila Russo
  • No Filter, by Sarah Frier
  • Win At All Costs, by Matt Hart
  • Last Chance U (seasons 1,2, & 5)
  • Ted Lasso
  • The Queen’s Gambit

9 comments on “Reviewing the News w/ Cody Townsend (Nov 2020) (Ep.150)”

  1. Outdoor gear reviewer and pro skier get together and start the discussion with climbing, noice. I think this whole program deserves its own podcast, Outdoor Talk with John and Cody. Alternatively you can name it The Outhouse with John and Cody, time to sift through the shit.

  2. +1 for the Queen’s Gambit. Best show of 2020.

    Really enjoyed this format. Looking forward to the next one. Also, I want to hear about the most terrifying line Cody ever skied.

  3. Great episode! Looking forward to next month. Agree with your insights on “No filter” Jonathan. Surprisingly interesting. I don’t even really like Instagram. But the story was great.

  4. Jojo Rabbit is outstanding, honestly one of the best films I’ve ever seen. I actually enjoyed the uncomfortability of it and felt that if a satire can capture that and capture the sadness of WWII the way it did.

    Truly a great film

  5. Wow so much Cody Towsend lately :) …. I have really enjoyed the prior GEAR:30, BLISTER Podcast and the Off The Couch. The Reviewing the News has been interesting and Hot Spring Chicken was too funny. The content is wonderful, cheers!

  6. JoJo Rabbit – super good. Social Dilemma – super scary. The weird thing is, it gave me a reason to be empathetic to friends and family who believe in and support stuff that I think is crazy. Maybe they’re not complete morons after all, they’re repeating the “news” as they see it. And if the only news you ever see is targeted to your preexisting beliefs, why wouldn’t you believe it? Now I hope they’ll eventually seek out more diverse sources, but at least I can still be friends without thinking they’re stupid sheep.
    I had a bit of a conversation with friends about the Emily story. First of all, way to go Emily, super impressive. I’m just curious how what really is an obscure story gets picked up by every mainstream media outlet. Who breaks that kind of story first? Does TNF promote it? Does having Alex Honnold’s name associated with it lend extra traction? Then there’s the bandwagon hopping as whoever wasn’t first to report it just basically copies and pastes the original mainstream story. The well written and thoughtful coverage like Andrew’s is basically shuffled to the bottom of the news feed. Meanwhile, something like Jim Reynolds completely bonkers solo ascent AND descent of Fitz Roy is not even a blip on the ABC’s and CBS’s radar. Just curious.

    • Yes, you may. After I finally suck it up and go back to rewatch Jojo Rabbit from the beginning, I will make an attempt on Four Lions. Thanks for the suggestion.

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