Shop Talk: The Ski Monster founders, George & Eric (Ep.126)

The Ski Monster founders, Eric Gerrmann & George Michaelsen, go on Blister's GEAR:30 podcast to discuss how and why they started The Ski Monster, what they've learned since then, and much more
The Ski Monster founders, Eric Gerrmann & George Michaelsen.

We’ve got another edition of Shop Talk for you, where we talk with folks from one of our Blister Recommended Shops to get their perspective on a mix of topics that range from broadly applicable to all of us, to topics that help us better understand what’s going on in the local community that each shop serves.

Today, we’ve got Eric Gerrmann & George Michaelsen, two friends who started The Ski Monster. You can stop by their very cool shop located at 60 Canal St in Boston, Massachusetts, or you can check them out online at

We talk about how George and Eric met; how getting fired — twice! — turned out to be a very positive development; the diverse customer base they serve; why ski shops ought to work to elevate the experience of purchasing all of this expensive gear; and more.


  • How George & Eric met (8:06)
  • Origins story of The Ski Monster (16:19)
  • Avoiding the “race to the bottom” (39:34)
  • Handling negative feedback (48:33)
  • GEAR (54:23)
  • Serving new skiers (58:52)
  • Testing the products they carry (1:08:55)
  • Covid & going “by appointment only” (1:17:12)
  • Wrap up (1:28:54)
  • What We’re Celebrating (1:31:21)


2 comments on “Shop Talk: The Ski Monster founders, George & Eric (Ep.126)”

  1. Great episode! I have bought stuff at Ski Monster and what they say is spot on about stoke and attitude there which lacks at other shops further north. They mounted tech bindings on the way to the airport, while at other shops some 3rd generation guy was like “what’s that?”, or “yeah I could probably mount those”.
    As for East vs West skis: so you don’t ask a customer where they expect to use their gear? Same setup for Cannon as Crested Butte? Black Pearls are great skis wherever you ski, I agree. I totally disagree that a groomer in Colorado is the same as New Hampshire, and I ski both often and have not always ‘hit it’. People here have skis they use almost exclusively for trips West or Alps. How often does it rain in CB, then the next day get single digits? Happens about once a month here and it sucks. How many places in NH can you boot up a big steep ridge inbounds like Aspen Highlands? Hiking the Saddle at Cannon doesn’t count!
    Thanks for the great story and STICKERS! “SEND IT”

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