Spark R&D — Part 2 (Ep.28)

Last week we talked to Will Ritter, the founder of the biggest splitboard binding company in the world, Spark R&D, about the origin story of Spark R&D, and some of the milestones and setbacks that the company has achieved — and survived — along the way.

This week we’re running Part 2 of our conversation, and Will and I discuss some of Spark R&D’s current products, discuss the old hard boots vs. soft boots debate, talk collaborating with companies like CAST Touring and 22 Designs, and using solar power at the Spark R&D factory.


  • Sparks’ new Pro Series of Bindings. (01:05)
  • Can we expect larger change in splitboard interface? (04:48)
  • Any thoughts on Karakoram’s new interface? (14:00)
  • Hard boots versus soft boots. (15:47)
  • Will the next biggest innovation be in bindings, splitboards or boots? (21:30)
  • Collaborations in the works (29:32)
  • What’s the secret to Spark R&D’s success? (35:55)
  • Solar power at Spark R&D. (39:05)

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