The History & Future of the BC Bike Race with Dean Payne & Simon Stewart (Ep. 29)


  • History of the BC Bike Race (3:14)
  • Creating an “alternate universe” (12:59)
  • Russell Crowe & the World’s Largest Hockey Stick (22:03)
  • Managing the race (27:24)
  • On the cancelation of this year’s race (31:44)
  • Communicating with the racers (42:37)

Today we are talking with Dean Payne, the president and co-founder of the BC Bike Race, about the origins and evolution of one of the most epic bike races and events in the world. And as a bonus, Simon Stewart (aka, Mr. Tank Driver, and my crack waffle dealer) is sitting in as my co-host to discuss with Dean all things BC Bike Race, the world’s largest hockey stick, drinking with Russell Crowe, and what goes into putting together an event like this.

BC Bike Race (photo by Margus Riga)

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