The New Race Landscape (Ep.54)

David Golay, Noah Bodman, & Jonathan Ellsworth discuss on Blister's Bikes & Big Ideas podcast the 2021 UCI Downhill Mountain Bike Season, Team Changes, Predictions, and more
Remi Thirion (photo courtesy of Giant Bicycles)

Today I am joined by Blister editors Noah Bodman and David Golay to talk about the major rider and team moves in the world of men’s DH and women’s DH; we place our $1000 bets on the upcoming season; and we discuss some of the news and moves in the freeride and enduro scene, too.


  • Big changes in the DH world (1:38)
  • Our $1,000 bets for men’s DH (16:29)
  • More news in women’s DH (20:50)
  • Our $1000 bets for women’s DH
  • Freeride news (27:03)
  • EWS Updates (32:24)

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