Why We Built a MTB Brand Guide (Ep.10)


  • Dylan’s Crash = Your Gain (1:27)
  • Why do a guide like this? (4:22)
  • Market Trends (11:10)
  • Components, Suspension, & Tires (19:13)
  • Mullet bikes & the Badonkadonk (20:31)

Bikes are expensive. And there are a zillion different bikes out there. So this week, reviewers Luke Koppa, Jonathan Ellsworth, Dylan Wood, and David Golay discuss our new BLISTER Brand Guide to Mountain Bikes; why we saw a need for it; the trends and takeaways we’ve seen in the process of building it; and the revolutionary new Badonkadonk bike.

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Dylan Wood, David Golay, Luke Koppa, and Jonathan Ellsworth talk on Blister's Bikes & Big Ideas podcast about how and why they built Blister's Mountain Bike Brand Guides
Dylan Wood riding in Crested Butte, CO.

2 comments on “Why We Built a MTB Brand Guide (Ep.10)”

  1. This is AWESOME! I really love this concept.

    I am in the market to replace my 2018 Rocky Mountain Altitude, because, while I love it, it is just too much bike for me. I know I am carrying extra weight uphill to get so much travel, and so much downhill ability. I’d rather have a lighter, more agile bike, because at 55, I need every advantage possible to keep up to the young tarts I ride with. Already, your Santa Cruz guide has me thinking of models I hadn’t considered previously. I look forward to more of your Brand Guides to help decide between so many options.

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