Yoann Barelli on his move to Guerrilla Gravity; Coaching; Comfort Zones; & More (Ep.49)


Yoann Barelli just signed on with Guerrilla Gravity, so we thought this would be a good time to catch up with him and talk about why he thinks GG is a great fit. (And for some important context here, I highly recommend checking out the conversation I had with the founders of GG and their composites engineer.)

Yoann and I also discuss the coaching he’s been doing (see barelliconcepts.com) and he offers some good coaching tips; we talk about his first introduction to bikes and to racing, and his plans for 2021 and beyond.


  • Comfort Zones (9:00)
  • Yoann’s introduction to mountain biking (19:04)
  • Coaching (barelliconcepts.com) (31:31)
  • New partnership with Guerrilla Gravity (40:40)
  • Dialing in a bike: feeling good vs making it fast (48:14)
  • Recovering from injury & 2021 plans (55:27)
  • Yoann’s big idea (59:30)


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