Your Questions, Our Buyer’s Guide, & Luke’s Cry for Help (Ep.161)

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Luke Koppa, always going the extra mile for that face shot — Mt. Crested Butte, Colorado.

Luke Koppa and Jonathan Ellsworth posted up in Blister HQ to answer listener gear questions; share some info about our new winter buyer’s guide; and Luke shares with us some good news, but also presents new reasons for us to worry about him.


  • Info on our new Buyers guide (3:14)
  • Q: What’s your favorite ski ever? (10:24)
  • Q: Best way to communicate with a boot fitter? (15:27)
  • Q: More accessible skis vs. more demanding skis (22:45)
  • Q: Impact of ski mass relative to width? (33:18)
  • Q: Big ski brands & sustainability (41:08)
  • Q: Favorite ski graphics? (48:06)
  • Luke’s cry for help (51:10)
  • What We’re Celebrating (56:31)


8 comments on “Your Questions, Our Buyer’s Guide, & Luke’s Cry for Help (Ep.161)”

  1. Did you shoot the “tele” video? Wasn’t clear if you did it and haven’t posted it or you still need to do it, so it won’t happen till this winter?

    PS: I tried tele after being a life long alpine skier, and by day 2 I was feeling pretty comfortable. I did get the biggest laugh from my friends when I skied a long way off balance with one ski on snow and one ski flailing in the air. I never fell which kept my pride intact, but the crowd said it was one of the funniest things they had ever seen. It was before Youtube, so no recording of it. Unlike your attempts.

  2. Blister can prevent greenwashing from spreading. Biobased materials and optimized processing are the solution to minimize our industries carbon impact. Recycled inputs are often misconstrued as being sustainable if, at all even exists at any detectable percentage to virgin. We have a lot to unpack on this topic, yes there is progress but a lot more still has to be done and debunked, and the POV Jonathan presents at 45min is where brands can make an impact today. Hoping to help dive in on this with you boys in the future as its ever changing!

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