Your Questions + What We’re Celebrating (Ep.103)


  • On our current state of affairs (1:03)
  • Eating Food vs Photosynthesis? (6:33)
  • Ski-Touring Knickers? (10:07)
  • How long should a ski boot liner last? (13:7)
  • What is Jonathan reading? (19:44)
  • The best type of ski for funky, summer snow? (24:36)
  • Mtn Bike Shoes (30:40)
  • Climbing Skins 101 – upcoming article (34:06)
  • What we’re celebrating (34:38)

Luke Koppa and I answer your questions and discuss our preferred gear for skiing funky spring / summer snow; what we’re reading; ski knickers?; mountain bike shoes; ski boot liners & durability; and more. 

Your Questions + What We’re Celebrating (Ep.103), BLISTER
Drew Kelly skiing what's left of the snow in Crested Butte.

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  1. Thanks for answering my question on the knickers! I checked out Amundsen, they’re super cool. And for just shy of $400 I could get what I’m looking for, which seems totally reasonable They’re also super manly, as evidenced by the number of guns being toted or cradled in the product pics. Are you laughing at my trousers? Well, are you, punk?

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