7 On-Trail Fixes

Dry Wet Shoes, Blister Gear Review.
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Dry Wet Shoes

The issue: You’re halfway through a six-day cross-country trip and your shoes are soaked after the day’s rainstorm. How do you dry them out before hitting the trail in the morning?

The solution: Remove the shoe’s insole and leave it in a warm, dry place. Next pick up some newspaper. Separate the sheets and roll them into small, dense wads. Stuff as many of these balls as you can into the shoe and wait. Replace the newspaper frequently — especially at the beginning, they’ll get soggy quickly. Repeat as necessary.

Take note: Newspaper is very absorbent and works much better in this situation than glossy magazine sheets.

If you’re spending the night inside, prop the shoes up against the air conditioning unit or the heater to complete the dry.


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  1. Also, and this may be obvious, a 26″ tube will work just fine on a 29″ wheel to get you home. Don’t walk your bike just because you are the only one of your friends who rides wagon wheels.

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