7 On-Trail Fixes

Bent chain ring, Blister Gear Review.
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Straighten a Bent Chain Ring

The issue: You’re riding over a technical downhill route when your big chain ring scrapes against a large rock. The soft aluminum teeth are bent.

The solution: A crescent wrench is the tool of choice here. Place the tool over the bent section—make sure it clears the teeth so you don’t snap them off—and gently push and pull the bent area to get it back to its normal shape.

If you can’t get the broken section in the right position, move the chain to the small chain ring and don’t shift up.

If your brake rotor is bent, you first need to find the exact spot where it’s out of true. Spinning the rotor, listen to where it rubs against the brake pads. Once you find the damaged section, push the rotor toward the wheel with your fingers wrapped in the spokes. And be careful since you typically don’t need much force to make these fine-tuning adjustments.

If the rotor is bent in the opposite direction—e.g., toward the wheel—use a few fingers to gently pull the rotor away from the bike. Repeat the above steps as needed.

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  1. Also, and this may be obvious, a 26″ tube will work just fine on a 29″ wheel to get you home. Don’t walk your bike just because you are the only one of your friends who rides wagon wheels.

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