2021 Pivot Switchblade

Ben Sims, Eric Freson, & Dylan Wood review the Pivot Switchblade for Blister

Over the past several months, three of our reviewers spent time on Pivot’s do-it-all Trail bike, the Switchblade, and they think it does an impressive job of standing out in a very crowded category. Check out our full review to see why.

Evolving Bike Geometry & the New Trek Slash (Ep.37)

Jonathan Ellsworth, Ben Sims, & Luke Koppa discuss on Blister's Bikes & Big Ideas podcast evolving mountain bike geometry, its future, the new 2021 Trek Slash, 2020 Pivot Switchblade, & Rocky Mountain Instinct BC

Today, Trek officially released an update of their enduro-focused Slash, so we offer our initial impressions of the new bike and ask what this big new release might be able to tell us about where we are in terms of the evolution of bike geometry. To this end, we also talk about a couple other examples, including the Pivot Switchblade and the Rocky Mountain Instinct BC.