2020-2021 Movement Fly Two 115

Luke Koppa reviews the Movement Fly Two 115 for Blister

Movement’s Fly Two collection is targeted at skiers who like to take a playful approach to the mountain, and their Fly Two 115 in particular has us very excited about its potential to be both playful and stable. Check out our First Look to see why.

2020-2021 Kye Shapes Numinous

Luke Koppa reviews the Kye Shapes Numinous for Blister

Last week we talked about the Metamorph, a new ski from Kye Petersen & Foon Skis’ new brand, Kye Shapes. Now it’s time to talk about the big gun in the Kye Shapes lineup, the Numinous. And for many people, we think there is a lot to like about this big-mountain ski. Check out our video First Look & writeup.

2020-2021 Volkl Revolt 121

Luke Koppa reviews the Volkl Revolt 121 for Blister

The new Volkl Revolt 121 stood out this spring across a broad range of conditions and surprisingly deep snow. Check out our full review and Deep Dive on the site for more on this playful pow ski.

2019-2020 Faction Candide 4.0

Luke Koppa reviews the Faction Candide 4.0 for Blister

Candide Thovex has made more of an impact on the ski industry than most people, and his signature Faction skis have helped him do that. One of those skis, the Candide 4.0, is getting updated for 19/20, and you can now check out our measured specs, rocker pics, and initial impressions.

Deep Dive: Playful Pow Skis

Cy Whitling reviews the ON3P Kartel 116 for Blister Gear Review.

We compare the J Skis Friend, Line Mordecai, Black Crows Anima, Armada ARV 116 JJ, ON3P Kartel 116, Blister Pro, Atomic Bent Chetler, K2 Catamaran, and more…

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