Bending the Paradigm: Polartec’s Approach to “Waterproofness” & Comfort (Ep.122)

Michael Cattanach, Product Design Director at Polartec, goes on Blister's GEAR:30 podcast to discuss the history of Polartec, Polartec NeoShell and why people should think a bit differently about waterproof and breathable fabrics, Polartec Power Air & Power Fill, & More

What does “waterproof” really mean, and when should you worry (and not worry) about a 10k or 20k rating on the jacket or pants you are thinking of buying? Luke Koppa and Jonathan Ellsworth spoke with Michael Cattanach, the product design director at Polartec, about the “ingredients” used to make your favorite apparel; Polartec’s history; and what Polartec is up to today.

Strafe Pyramid Jacket

Luke Koppa reviews the Strafe Pyramid Jacket for Blister Gear Review

Strafe’s new Pyramid Jacket features an updated Neoshell membrane, and Strafe says it is equally at home in the backcountry as it is in the resort. So is this really a true “50/50” piece?