20+ Years as a Pro Skier: Mark Abma | Blister Speaker Series Video

Mark Abma came to Western Colorado University for another edition of our Blister Speaker Series, where he broke down his segment from the MSP film, ALL IN; discussed his part in the new MSP film, Land of Giants; ran us through his preparation for ski season; longevity; confidence; pressure; staying calm; and more.

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Intro 00:00
Revisiting your segment from “ALL IN” 1:47
Evolving Big Mtn Skiing 3:57
New MSP film: The Land of Giants 12:05
Longevity in Skiing 17:12
Your Preparation for Ski Season 21:00
Confidence 24:01
When / How Did Energy & Housing Become Big Issues for You? 28:49
Advice to Students about Life After College? 38:24
Audience question: Spinning vs Flipping 42:00
Audience question: Staying Calm on Big Lines? 43:47
Audience question: Training 45:13
Audience question: Snow Safety when Traveling? 48:00

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