Andrew Mildenberger — “Strictly Business”

Andrew Mildenburger's Strictly Business ski movie on Blister

This past October at the International Freesports Film Festival (aka, IF3), the movie “Strictly Business” won the awards for Best Cinematography and Best Film in the “amateur” category.

The film got released for free today, and all I can say is that nothing about it feels “amateur.”

From the filming to the editing and, most notably, the skiing, Strictly Business feels professional in every regard.

Andrew Mildenberger’s filming and editing style are awesome, and the skiing from young skiers like Ethan Swadburg, Parker Novell, Ben Smith, Chance Contay, and Pete Koukov is seriously impressive. While those names might not ring any bells now, there’s a good chance you’ll be seeing them more in the future.

Strictly Business also has a great combination of technical park segments, creative street shots, and some serious big-mountain skiing. In other words, it’s got a bit of everything, and I highly recommend giving it a watch.

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Andrew Mildenberger — “Strictly Business”, BLISTER
Andrew Mildenberger — “Strictly Business”, BLISTER

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  1. Damn. Just watched it, that was indeed some really impressive film work and skiing, regardless of the “amateur” status. Congrats to Andrew Mildenberger and those athletes!

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