Blister Crash Course Video: Snow Blading / Ski Boarding

Crashes. Rambo. Backflips. Somersaults.

Want to see us be bad (and occasionally glorious) at other things? Rate & review GEAR:30:

Watch us suck at Tele Skiing

√ – 250 Ratings: Tele Skiing
√ – 500 Ratings: Snowblading
? – 750 Ratings: Snowboarding
? – 1000 Ratings: Monoskiing
? – 1500 Ratings: Go to Woodward / Windells Progression Park
? – 2000 Ratings: Heli-Monoskiing

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8 comments on “Blister Crash Course Video: Snow Blading / Ski Boarding”

  1. I believe you are ALL the MVP. I’ve been having a really tough time at work this week and watching this video on my lunch break was exactly what I needed.

  2. I have to say the moguls looked like a blast with those things on. I think Dylan is the MVP for the back flip off the jump. I was flinching watching that one but he landed it perfectly.

  3. I’m not sure how to put in a rating, but I’d give it a solid 10. So, someone who knows how to do that, please put it in for me so that we can see the next one!

  4. Both with tele and the blades Jonathan seems to be fighting the change. I give MVP to Sascha for excellent looking turns, then Dylan for traditional blade skilz.

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