Candide Thovex's Behind The Scenes | Ski The World Intro on Blister

Candide Thovex puts out amazing content. There’s no denying that. But his absurdly creative and impressive edits (and the man behind them), are often mysterious and leave us wondering how the hell he did what he did. Last year he released “Quattro 2,” a video where we saw him skiing all around the world, but none of that skiing was done on actual snow. He was throwing double backflips in the desert, doing nose butters on water, and slashing spines made of sand.

Well, it looks like we’ll finally get a glimpse of how he put together that video, because he’ll be releasing a series of videos showing the seemingly immense amount of work it took to put together Quattro 2. Even though it’s just a trailer, the intro to this behind-the-scenes series gives me chills. Nine months of research, nine countries, three months of filming, and a what I’m sure were a ton of extremely difficult shots went into the edit, and soon, we’ll be able to see how it all went down. Check out the trailer here, watch it as many times as you need to fully comprehend it (for me, it was about 15), and then check out the original edit below.

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