Ski Boots: How to EASILY Put On & Take Off | Video

What’s the best / easiest way to put on and take off your ski boots?

In this Blister “How To” video, Blister editor & Masterfit-Certified Bootfttter, Kara Williard, demonstrates how to effortlessly put on and take off ski boots. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned skier, learning these simple steps can save you time, spare you frustration, and improve the performance and longevity of your boots.

Intro 00:00
Putting On & Buckling Your Ski Boot 00:39
Taking Off Your Ski Boot: 1st Technique 3:39
Taking Off Your Ski Boot: 2nd Technique 4:51
Storing Your Ski Boots 6:01

Ski Boots: How to EASILY Put On & Take Off | Video, BLISTER
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9 comments on “Ski Boots: How to EASILY Put On & Take Off | Video”

  1. Soooo useful! Great all around video and already forwarded it to my friends who are constantly complaining about their boots;)

  2. Nice video and Kara used the perfect boot for demonstration, a Lange boot. Lange has some of the best PU in the industry and fairly easy to get in and out of. Try an Atomic Hawx Ultra 130 boots off in the parking lot after skiing at Lake Louise with temperature at about -25*C. Sitting in the car with the heat on greatly helps the process.

    • Had the same with my atomics. Boot bite so bad on my instep. Have Langes now. I use a shoe horn (can make one from a windshield wiper fluid bottle), have heated bag, and a little talcum powder can also help the bottom of the foot slide. My zip fit insoles have a texture that seems to adhere to the bottom of the sock/foot (thanks RB). Also I highly recommend a small folding step stool for putting on/taking off boots. Makes it feel like you’re almost a human being in the parking lot.

  3. Hey that was a great video – I watched it as soon as I saw the title! I have struggled for years to get boots on and off! I have a boot horn that helps also. Thanks. Rick

  4. Also in some cases (all my boots), putting the liner on first then inserting liner+foot in the shell might work better, especially if you already have the liner out for drying. For some tight boots with thin liners it is sometimes the only practical way.

  5. Great video. I use your two-handed throat opening technique religiously. For cold boot removal, I find it’s best to give it three thoat-opening flexes.

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