Win a Personal GPS Device from Bivy

Blister Gear Giveaway

The winner of this week’s Gear Giveaway will get a Bivystick — a personal GPS communication device great for any of your off-the-grid adventures.

You can learn a whole lot more about the Bivystick and GPS devices by listening to our podcast with Bivy’s Pitt Grewe, but the very short story is that Bivystick lets you send and receive text messages, track and share your location, get weather forecasts, and send SOS messages — all from basically anywhere you can see the sky via the Iridium satellite network.

Win a Bivy Stick personal GPS communication device; Blister Gear Giveaway
Bivystick in use with the Bivy app

Coming in a compact package and low weight, the Bivystick also requires no annual contract or activation fee, letting you start and stop service whenever you want. Lastly, the winner will get 30 free credits for their Bivystick as soon as they activate it, which equates to 30 text messages, 30 location shares, 30 weather reports, or 30 hours of location tracking.

Enter before Friday, July 26th for your chance to win!

Eligibility & How To Enter

To be eligible, like us on Facebook and / or follow us on Instagram, then sign up here to win:

(Winner will be chosen at random. Must be 18 or older.)

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