Win Magnetic Pedals from Hustle Bike Labs

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The two winners of our Gear Giveaway this week will get the updated V2 Avery REMtech® Pedal from Hustle Bike Labs!

Win Magnetic Pedals from Hustle Bike Labs, BLISTER

We reviewed the Hustle Avery REMtech pedal two summers ago and both Luke Koppa (a flat-pedal rider) and I (a clipless rider) came away impressed by how they managed to combine traits of both categories. The REMtech pedals are easier to get into and out of than just about any clipless pedal, but they can also create better retention than most flat pedals, inspiring confidence in rough terrain.

Plus, Hustle just updated their Avery pedal, using the same design but making a few key improvements. This updated pedal has a stronger pedal body, upgraded igus® bushings, upgraded stainless steel cartridge bearings, fewer traction pins, and improved seals. We have a few pairs of the V2 Avery pedal on the way for review and are curious to see how these changes feel on the trail.

You can read our review and/or listen to our Bikes & Big Ideas podcast with them for the whole story on Hustle.

Enter below before Friday, September 29th for your chance to win!

(Winners will be chosen at random and announced next Friday in our Blister Newsletter. Must be 18 or older. This particular giveaway is limited to persons with a shipping address within the U.S.)

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12 comments on “Win Magnetic Pedals from Hustle Bike Labs”

  1. I have ridden on these HUSTLE BIKE LABS pedals with my buddies bike. We have similar set-ups on our bike was really impressed with how, “locked ” or ” connected ” you are to the bike. The pull and push on the cranks was awesome, allmg with the foot being planted on loose chatter on the descents! I would highly recommend this set as alternative to clipless to due the ease of “releasing” from the pedals. Awesome product from HUSTLE BIKE LABS.

  2. I have been riding for 2 years now. I can’t really explain how much mountain biking means to me both physically and mentally. I’ve been very interested in trying out these pedals to up my riding experience with out having to commit to a clipped In style pedal. Wish theses were available to purchase but they seem to still be on back order. It would be awesome to win some though!!

  3. I was able to Demo these while in Bentonville last May.i can’t wait till these pedals are available to buy. How are you giving these new pedals away when these pedals were supposed to be released before the end of spring, then by the end of summer and now hopefully before the end of the year ??

  4. These are OUTSTANDING pedals. A true game changer! I’ve had these on both my FS bikes for two years now and they’ve been incredible — never had a problem getting “clipped in” and never had a problem getting “unclipped” when I needed to. Can’t say that for the SPDs that I was using before this. The funny thing is I ALWAYS get curious questions about these at all the bike parks I ride (Spider, Angel, and Taos).

  5. I race BMX and recently got to try these pedals. They are amazing!!! Four members of my team and multiple others have been dying to get them.

  6. I was given Hustles as a gift. Love these pedals. Up and over rocks, crank through the moon dust, climb the steep, and pulls me out of my falls. They’ve changed the way I ride!!

  7. I have been riding the first version of these pedals since they came out and love them. Would love to ride the newest version.

  8. My hamstrings have gotten so much stronger. Would love to try out the new set up. Push and pull totally rocks. I was scared to have regular clipless, but these were a game changer.

  9. Would Loveeee to try these out instead of clipless and though I am in the UK I do have family in San Diego SO hoping I get lucky and get picked and that you don’t mind shipping to them so that they can then ship to me and I get to experience the Flatless (get it) feeling of these Magic Magnetic beasts….

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