Hustle Labs’ Category-Defying Magnetic Pedals (Ep.97)

Clipless vs. flat pedals is a hotly debated topic in the mountain bike world, but now there’s a third choice — Hustle Labs’ Avery magnetic pedals. We were, frankly, a bit skeptical about this new in-between option, but we’ve had three reviewers spending time on the Avery, and they’ve wildly exceeded our expectations. So we sat down with Hustle’s Design Engineer, Tripp Hurt, to talk about where the concept originated; how the pedals work; who they are (and aren’t) for; what’s next from Hustle; and a whole lot more.


  • Origin story & Craig’s “ecliffany” (2:14)
  • Avery pedal design (4:36)
  • Weight & Who are they for? (12:31)
  • Tripp’s background & bike shoe ergonomics (16:57)
  • What’s next from Hustle? (28:31)
  • Tripp’s Big Ideas (30:12)


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