2023 Rossignol Blackops, Sender, & Rallybird Skis | Blister Summit Brand Lineup

We talk with Rossignol’s Alpine Category Manager, Jake Stevens, about Rossignol’s 2022-2023 ski lineup, including the updated Sender series; the name changes across the lineup; the very different graphics on the Blackops skis; the women’s Rallybird collection; and then we dive into the details on several of the updated and carryover models.

Presented by: Whistlepig Whiskey & Athletic Brewing

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  • Intro 00:00
  • Rossignol Skis Name Changes 0:24
  • Updated Rossignol Sender Skis 3:08
  • Rossignol Rallybird Skis 4:26
  • Rossignol Blackops Skis 4:55
  • Blackops vs. Sender & Rallybird 9:58
  • Family Resemblance Between Waist Widths 11:41
  • Rossignol Experience, Hero Carve, Escaper, & Racing Skis 15:11
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8 comments on “2023 Rossignol Blackops, Sender, & Rallybird Skis | Blister Summit Brand Lineup”

    • No changes other than graphics for that ski (oddly I’ve seen a very ugly and a rather nice version, curious which is actually making production)

  1. Do you think you guys could get these on spotify? Bad service almost all summer but i can download things on spotify

  2. Very eager to hear news about the Blackops 108-110. Do we think it’s coming 22/23, just announcing it a bit late? Or more like 23/24? The teasers are killing me.

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