New 4FRNT Switch & MSP 107

4FRNT just launched their 2021-2022 ski lineup, and back at the Blister Summit, we sat down with 4FRNT’s Sam Kimmerle & Nick Africano to get the rundown on the brand-new Switch; how the Switch compares to the Vandal it replaces; the consistently positive feedback surrounding the MSP 107; who has the coolest name in the ski industry; and more.

And in case you missed it, 4FRNT also launched an overhauled version of Eric Hjorleifson’s signature ski, the Hoji. We chatted with the man himself about that ski, and you can check out that video here.


  • Intro & current state of 4FRNT 00:00
  • New 4FRNT Switch 2:26
  • 4FRNT Switch vs. Vandal vs. Devastator 4:27
  • Who’s got the best name in the ski industry? 9:50
  • Nick’s history with 4FRNT & his favorite skis 11:38
  • 4FRNT MSP 107 14:34
  • What kind of “107mm-wide ski” is the MSP 107? 17:29
  • The question no one can answer correctly 19:59
  • Blister Summit experience & testing process 22:00
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5 comments on “New 4FRNT Switch & MSP 107”

  1. I tried the Switch (184) @ the Blister Summit, it was the favorite ski for me I tried there; I really liked its turn initiation. I’ve been waiting 4frnt to sell them and now I am a bit indecisive about the length. Most of my parkish skis are right around 176. I’m probably gonna order the 184. Any thoughts on length for the switch?

    • Yeah that’s a tough one. Without knowing your height / weight, I think I’d lean toward the 184 the more you want to use it as an all-mountain ski, or go 177 if you want to mostly keep it as a park ski. Though, especially if you were able to get the 184 into some of Crested Butte’s bumps and liked it there, then I’d lean toward the 184.

  2. Would you recommend the 4frnt Switch or the Fischer Ranger 102 fr for a fun playful ski but performs well in tight trees and moguls? Thanks.

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