David Golay reviews the SRAM Maven Brakes for Blister

SRAM Maven Brakes

SRAM’s gravity athletes have been spotted using a new set of burly brakes for a while now, and now that new model, the Maven, is finally here. Turns out, it’s a big departure from the Code that it supplants as SRAM’s most powerful offering — check out our First Look for the details, and our Flash Review for our initial on-trail impressions.

Hope XCR Pro X2 and E4 Brakes

Hope’s XCR Pro brakes get some new options today, including a version with the beefier four-piston E4 caliper for more aggressive Trail-bike use — and they’re now available in Hope’s full suite of color options, too. Check out our First Look for the rundown.
David Golay reviews the SRAM GX Transmission for Blister

SRAM GX Transmission & Bronze Stealth Brakes

SRAM’s new T-Type groupsets launched just a few months ago with high-end XX SL, XX, and X0 tiers, and now there’s a new, more affordable GX version. While the high-level details closely mirror those of the higher-end variants, SRAM has done a lot more than just make a less-expensive, heavier version of the Transmission. Check out our First Look for all the details.
Blister MTB Brake Shootout

Hayes Dominion T4 Brakes

The Hayes Dominion A4s have been one of our favorite brakes for a while now, but how about the lighter Dominion T4? Do they share the magic of the A4 or are they something else entirely? We’ve been logging a lot of time on the T4s and are ready to weigh in.
David Golay reviews the Galfer Shark Rotors for Blister

Galfer Shark Rotors

We really like Galfer’s standard Wave rotors, but how about the fancier Shark versions that they’re launched more recently? And in general, who should think about upgrading their existing rotors? Check out our review to learn more.
Blister MTB Brake Shootout

MTB Brake Shootout

What’s the most important component on a mountain bike? A strong argument could be made for brakes, and there are now a greater number of good, powerful brakes than ever before. But how do they actually stack up against each other? We’ve spent the past year-plus directly comparing eight of the top options from Shimano, SRAM, TRP, Hayes, Hope, Magura, & Cascade Components — in this in-depth roundup, we explain how they all compare, what each does best, and which ones might be ideal for you.
David Golay reviews the Magura MT7 HC3 Brakes for Blister

Magura MT7 HC3 Brakes

There are a lot of good brakes on the market these days — way more than just a few years ago — and Magura’s MT7 HC3 brakes do a lot of things differently from most of their competitors. So how do they stack up in the increasingly crowded market, and who are they going to work best for?
David Golay reviews the Hope Tech 4 V4 for Blister

Hope Tech 4 V4

Hope’s disc brakes got a major overhaul in the form of the new Tech 4 generation earlier this year, and that brought a very major increase in power to the range. But how does their burliest brake, the Tech 4 V4, compare to the competition? Check out our full review.
David Golay reviews Galfer's Standard and Pro Pads, plus rotors for Blister

Galfer Brake Pads and Rotors

Brake pads are an underappreciated factor in mountain bike brake performance, and Galfer’s offerings make a strong case for why a lot of riders should pay closer attention. And rotor sizing is a big piece of the puzzle, so we cover that in detail, too.
David Golay reviews the TRP Slate T4 Brakes for Blister

TRP Slate T4 Brakes

TRP’s Slate T4 brakes are an affordable option for a four-piston Trail bike brake. But how do they stack up against some of the more expensive options in that space, as well as bigger, downhill-focused options?