2021 Fox 40 Fork

David Golay reviews the 2021 Fox 40 for Blister

The first iteration of the Fox 40 dual-crown fork came onto the market in 2005, and now for 2021, Fox has given it an overhaul. So just how different is the new version, and how does it perform on the trail? Check out our full review.

2021 Fox 38 Fork

Noah Bodman reviews the Fox 38 Fork and compares it to the Fox 36 & Rockshox Lyrik for Blister

We’ve spent the last 3 months riding Fox’s burliest single-crown fork, the 38, and comparing it to other mainstays in the category to see just how much of a difference the bigger chassis (and new internals) make on the trail. Spoiler alert: it’s a significant difference, but there’s more to it. Check out our full review.

Manitou Mezzer Pro Fork

David Golay reviews the Manitou Mezzer Pro fork for Blister

Manitou’s Mezzer Pro was one of the first “extra-stiff,” single-crown forks to hit the market, and we’ve spent the last 4 months comparing it to its growing competition. Check out our full review to see how it stacks up.

EXT Storia Lok V3 Shock

David Golay reviews the EXT Storia Lok V3 coil shock for Blister

EXT’s custom shocks have been used on everything from F1 cars to motocross, but they also make some very interesting suspension components for mountain bikers. We’ve been testing the latest version of their Enduro-oriented Storia Lok shock, and it is very impressive. Check out our full review for an in-depth explanation.

2021 Fox Float X2 Shock

Noah Bodman reviews the 2021 Fox Float X2 shock for Blister

The Float X2 is Fox’s most downhill-oriented air shock, and they made a lot of changes to it for 2021. Do those changes actually make a difference? We’d say yes, and also think they make it one of the standout air-shocks on the market today — whether you’re racing DH or just want better downhill performance out of your Trail bike.

Mojo MORC 40 Offset-Reducing Crowns

David Golay reviews the Mojo MORC 40 Offset-Reducing Crowns for Blister

Last year we started to see several of the best DH racers in the world using non-standard fork crowns, many of which turned out to be the Mojo MORC 40. They’re now available to the public, and we’ve been testing these offset-reducing crowns to see just how much of an impact they make on trail, and whether or not you need to be a World Cup racer to appreciate them.