David Golay reviews the Manitou Mattoc Pro for Blister

2023 Manitou Mattoc

Our Bike Editor has long been a big fan of the Manitou Mezzer and got pretty excited when Manitou dropped a new version of their Mattoc Trail bike fork, since it looked a lot like a mini-Mezzer on paper. Having now spent a lot of time with the Mattoc, the story is a bit more complicated than that — but that’s probably a good thing for a lot of folks.
David Golay reviews the 2024 Fox Float for Blister

2024 Fox Float

Fox says their new Float rear shock is meant to bring a lot of the performance of the Float X to a smaller, lighter package, but have they succeeded, and what are the tradeoffs? We’ve been logging a lot of time on the two back-to-back, and we’ve got some answers.
David Golay reviews the 2024 RockShox SID Family for Blister

2024 RockShox SID, SID SL, and SIDLuxe

With the RockShox BoXXer DH fork getting an update last week, the SID and SID SL were seemingly due for one of their own, and now those new versions are here, along with an updated SIDLuxe rear shock. Check out RockShox’s latest XC suspension offerings.
David Golay reviews the 2024 RockShox BoXXer for Blister

2024 RockShox BoXXer

RockShox’s athletes have been openly riding what looked like a new version of the BoXXer DH fork for some time now, and now that new iteration is here, with 38 mm stanchions and a whole lot of features that carry over from RockShox’s latest crop of single-crown forks — plus a few surprises.
David Golay reviews the EXT Aria for Blister

EXT Aria

We’ve been very impressed by a number of EXT’s coil shocks over the years, and having now spent a lot of time on the Aria — their first air-sprung MTB rear shock — we’re ready to weigh in on how it stacks up to EXT’s own Storia, as well as the modern crop of high-volume, beefy air shocks.
David Golay and Zack Henderson review the Ohlins TTX1 and TTX2 Air for Blister

Öhlins TTX1 and TTX2 Air

We’ve had two different reviewers spending time on three different versions of Öhlins’ latest air-sprung rear shocks, the TTX1 Air and TTX2 Air, and are ready to weigh in on how they perform on trail, how they differ from each other, and who they’re going to work best for. Check out our full review for all the info.
David Golay reviews the EXT Era V2.1 for Blister

EXT Era V2.1 Fork

EXT has continued to refine its Era fork and the new V2.1 iteration is claimed to be even smoother sliding and offer improved small-bump sensitivity than the previous generations. So what has EXT changed to bring those improvements about? Check out our First Look for the rundown, and our Flash Review for our initial on-trail impressions.
David Golay reviews the Fox Float and Float SL for Blister

Fox Float and Float SL

Fox is launching two new inline shocks — the Float and Float SL — that essentially replace the Float DPS and split it into two slightly different versions, for weight-conscious Trail riders and XC folks, respectively. Check out our First Look for all the info.
David Golay reviews the Manitou Dorado for Blister

2023 Manitou Dorado

There aren’t many inverted forks left on the market, so how does one of the most famous holdouts — the Manitou Dorado — stack up against its more conventional competitors? We’ve spent a lot of time on both the Expert and Pro versions, and are ready to weigh in.
David Golay reviews the Ohlins RXF 34 m.2 for Blister

Öhlins RXF34 m.2

We’ve been big fans of Öhlins’ RXF 36 and RXF 38, but what about their little sibling — the RXF 34 m.2? We’ve had two reviewers spending time on the short-travel Trail fork and the results are interesting — check out our full review for more, including direct comparisons to the Fox 34 and RockShox Pike.
David Golay riding the Fox 36 (photo: Ian Stowe)

Trail / Enduro MTB Fork Comparisons

There are more options for Enduro forks on the market than ever before, and we’ve updated our roundup with nine of the top contenders from Fox, RockShox, Manitou, Öhlins, and Marzocchi — including RockShox's new 2023 Lyrik and ZEB. So how do all these forks stack up, and who should be opting for the extra-burly Fox 38, RockShox ZEB, or Öhlins RXF38?
David Golay reviews the 2023 RockShox ZEB for Blister

2023 RockShox ZEB

RockShox recently gave their longest-travel single-crown fork, the ZEB, a major overhaul, and the new fork is a big improvement in several key areas — without really compromising what the previous version already did very well. Check out our full review for the rundown, including how it compares to the Fox 38 and Öhlins RXF38.
David Golay reviews the Vorsprung Smashpot for Blister

Vorsprung Smashpot Coil Spring Fork Conversion Kit

There aren’t many coil-sprung forks left on the market, but Vorsprung’s Smashpot conversion kit opens up a lot of options for riders who miss that option. And having now spent a lot of time testing the Smashpot, it makes a compelling case for why certain riders might want to ditch their air springs. But who is it going to work best for, and what are the downsides? Check out our full review for the rundown.
David Golay Reviews RockShox Flight Attendant for Blister

RockShox Flight Attendant

RockShox’s Flight Attendant electronic suspension claims to make big improvements to the pedaling efficiency of longer-travel Trail and Enduro bikes, and after spending several months testing it, it’s a whole lot more than just an automatic climb switch. Check out our full review to see why we’re so impressed with (and a bit surprised by) the system.
David Golay reviews the Öhlins RXF38 m.2 for Blister

Öhlins RXF38 m.2

Öhlins has joined Fox and RockShox in offering an extra burly 38mm-stanchioned single crown fork, and their take on the genre — the RXF38 m.2 — is now our bike editor's personal favorite of the category. Check out our full review to see why.