2020-2021 Scarpa Maestrale XT

Luke Koppa reviews the Scarpa Maestrale XT for Blister

For the 2019-2020 season, Scarpa is adding a new boot to their extremely popular Maestrale line. The new Maestrale XT is supposed to be the stiffest boot in the Maestrale lineup, and here you can check out our initial impressions.

2019-2020 Scarpa Alien RS

Paul Forward reviews the Scarpa Alien RS for Blister

We gave Scarpa’s Alien RS a “Best Of” award in our 18/19 Winter Buyer’s Guide, saying its performance almost created a new class of boot. Now you can check out our full review for more info on how it compares to several other lightweight touring boots.

2019-2020 Lange XT Free 130 LV

Paul Forward reviews the Lange XT Free 130 for Blister

The previous Lange XT 130 Freetour was one of the best tech-binding-compatible AT ski boots we’ve used in terms of downhill performance, and Lange updated it this year. So how similar or different is the new Lange XT Free 130?

2018-2019 Head Nexo LYT 130

Blister reviews the Head Nexo LYT 130

The brand-new Head Nexo LYT 130 is the lightest alpine boot we’ve ever reviewed (and it’s lighter than a lot of touring boots we’ve reviewed). But that’s not the only thing that sets this boot apart from the competition. Check out our measured specs, fit notes, and initial impressions.

2020-2021 Nordica Promachine 130

Jonathan Ellsworth reviews the Nordica Promachine 130 for Blister

Nordica is entering the lighter weight alpine boot category for 18/19, and they claim their new Promachine line combines “race-boot performance” with “all-mountain comfort and versatility.” (Yeah, right. Right?) Check out our measured specs, fit notes, and initial impressions of the new Promachine 130.

2018-2019 Head Kore 1

Blister reviews the Head Kore 1 Ski Boot

What’s that? Another ~1500 gram 130-flex touring boot? Yep, and this one’s from Head. Check out our measured specs, fit notes, and initial impressions of the new Head Kore 1 boot.

2019-2020 Full Tilt Ascendant

Cy Whitling Reviews the Full Tilt Ascendant for Blister

For the 18/19 season, Full Tilt is introducing their first ever touring boot, the Ascendant. Complete with tech fittings, a removable tongue, and a unique touring overlap liner, the Ascendant appears to be the boot that a lot of skiers have been waiting for. Check out our initial on-snow impressions.

2020-2021 K2 Recon 130

Cy Whitling and Jonathan Ellsworth review the K2 Recon 130 ski boot for Blister

K2’s new Recon and Luv series of alpine ski boots are really light — the lightest we’ve ever reviewed, actually. Check out the specs plus our initial thoughts and fit notes.